Gotham is seeing a rise in gang to gang violence. There’s allot that suggest a power play (plays?) between the rival organized crime entities in the city, maybe even a new player in town. I’m not sure though. I’ve been really busy keeping up with the usual stuff. The recent invasion from Apokolips really did a number on the city’s infrastructure and most of the money being poured into the city’s recovery is not making it to law enforcement. On an up note I had Superboy and Spoiler do some undercover work with me posing as contractors working on the reconstruction of the GCPD building. We’ve installed the standard packages and some updated equipment I’ve been working on. I think even O is going to be impressed with my traceless sniffer code. BTW, SB should never be allowed to work with heavy power tools again. Let’s just say it’s a good thing I’m quick and he’s invulnerable.
Still investigating the new batch of designer drugs hitting the teen to twenty –something crowd. The kid I saved from that OD seizure in an alleyway last week ended up dying in the hospital later that week. I found a sample of the drug he was on and ran it through the mass spectrometer. The file is tagged with this report. Check it out, it’s nasty stuff. I’m pretty sure it’s been designed specifically with the developing neurology of young adult brains in mind. People are going to need medical assistance to get off this stuff, and even that is sounding dangerous.
Spoiler and I tracked a source to a nightclub called ‘Full Tilt’. It’s running as a private venue technically but it’s basically a night club for teens and early twenties. It’s a dirty operation but it keeps it laundry away from the public. It’s be a mess to bust without a full raid by the police and they’re just spread too thin right now. The place is like Lord of the Flies meets Less Than Zero. LOTS of rich pretty kids going there and it’s being worked by a slick operation looking to recruit more customers. I’ve been taking a page from your Bruce Wayne “Idle dilettante” playbook and making Tim Drake look like a bored amoral rich kid who spends his time there. I don’t know how you put up with that shtick, because it’s allot of work while being annoying at the same time. Superboy and Spoiler are also doing the undercover thing there. We avoid each other while undercover and meet later in uniform to discuss what we found.

New development. Bane is back in town, and it turns out he’s pursuing the designer drugs as well. Turns out he has a thing about kids and drugs. I’m pretty sure he was looking to break legs and maybe pulp heads, but he’s agreed to do this our way.

Look, I know. It’s Bane, but I’m really strapped for backup these days. I saw Dick the night we drove Darkseid out of Gotham but that’s it. I think he’s eyes deep in something, but I’m not getting much in the way of details. You’re not here and it’s pretty much just me right now except when I can get SB to help out on the weekend or Spoiler to watch my back. I figured it would be smarter to use Bane than try to fight him AND the drug dealers at the same time.

Anyhow, SB and Spoiler got invitations to a ‘private party’ while at Full Tilt. It’s sounding like the club is used as a place to ‘vet’ potential clients/future dealers. Candidates are then invited to a moving party where I’m sure are given a much more private and permissive atmosphere and are offered to ‘take the next step’. The next party is in a penthouse at Gotham Towers. SB and Spoiler and going to check it out. I’m giving them fake fingerprints and created some convincing false background in case anyone gives them a hard look. They have instructions to bail if things get too hot/deep.

I’m going to be shadowing Bane. He received an invitation (under the alias of ‘Tito Alvarez’) to get an audition with ‘The Chemists’. It’s a good chance these guys are the distributors we’re looking for, maybe even the manufacturers. The meeting is in the Baxton Warehouse in the East End. I’m going to case the place a few days before and set up some contingencies.

In other news, I’m generaly sore all of the time. There isn’t a time when some part of me isn’t purple. Shiva is kicking my butt. I stopped wondering if she’s testing my limits to see if I’ll quit or really going for the training. I just do the work and try to forget about the wherefores. I just sleep and drink water where and when I can. Alfred deserves membership in the Justice Leauge keeping me patched up and fed.

So, anytime you feel like returning , that’d be fine with me.


Journal Entry

I've been involved with the Titans on and off lately. We inducted Scarab as a new member recently and he seems like a good fit on the team. I'm a little on edge about the whole alien symbiote thing, but that's just a good does of judicious caution. My gut tells me both the human and alien components of Scarab are to be trusted. I'm still collecting information and observing (because I remember Connor being taken over by Lex), but I've got a good feeling about this guy.

Steph is alive. I'm both overjoyed and currious. I have this sinking feeling that whatever I did that got me tangled up with Neron has something to do with her being back from the dead. I have a sick sensation that it's going to bite me in the ass. Haven't talked to Steph about it yet. Wondering if I should before i have anything solid.

On the other hand, both Raven and Zatanna have checked me out and both have said that as far as they can tell, I'm 100% free of any supernatural taint, lien or debt. I have no idea how that works but they're the experts in the woogy magic stuff. It's a relief at any rate.

I've approached Shiva to continue my martial training. I don't know how you're going to feel about that. I'm pretty clear that I'm always going to be a costumed crime fighter for the rest of my life. This isn't anything that I'm going to give up and frankly I doubt that I really ever could if I wanted to. It's in the blood. I think you will understand that part at least.

The thing is, you're not here right now and I need to step up my game big time if I'm going to be doing this without you. Dick is doing and awesome job, but he's really busy with his own stuff and I'm pretty much a solo act these days unless I'm teaming up with Spoiler or one of the Titans and even then they're looking to me as the lead. We both know that the kind of commitment required for Shiva to take me on again has to be 100%, so WHEN (not if) you do return, it's something I will still be perusing. I know I've made some really dumb decisions lately (Neron), but I give you my word that I will not betray your principles as Shiva's student. I'm pretty sure she knows that too.

I've got a few Titans and Spoiler helping me with a project. The GCPD building was brought down by Darkseid's furies (I had NOTHING to do with that. The building just seemed like a defensible position.) It's being rebuilt right now and I've influenced which contracting company got the job ( a Waynetech subsidiary). Connor, Spoiler and I are posing as technical specialists and are implementing your upgraded protocols secretly in the building's structure and network hardware. The closed data systems should all be accessible to you and Oracle when we're done. I'm leaving some watchdog subroutines in the bios and hard disk routines to so we can keep an eye out for tampering and hacking. We should have pretty thorough physical access too.

Some bad news. I'm pretty sure some new designer drugs are hitting Gotham's night club scene. Seems to be popular with the teen to twenty crowd. Spoiler and I saved an 18 year old from seizuring to death from an OD 3 blocks away from my old highschool last night. This is going to require some undercover work. So I'm going to take a page from your book and do the 'idle rich spoiled dilettante thing' and attempt to infiltrate. We'll see how that goes.

Oh yeah, Hank Henshaw invaded and took over Rann. I'm sure you'll have access to more details on that when you get back than I do, but in the meantime it's looking like he might be taking a swat at Earth while a bunch of our heavy hitters head to Rann. Us teenagers are pinch hitting in the meantime.

I'm going to treat my shoulder with some acupuncture and then get a few hours of sleep now.

You'd better get back here soon.


War Journal

I'm keeping these letters, because some day I know you'll be back and you'll read them....Collapse )


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